Scout Moore: Junior Ranger, Grand Canyon

Scout Moore: Junior Ranger, Grand Canyon

by Theresa Howell
Illustrated by Jeff Ebbeler

ISBN: 978-1-934656-79-2



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Learn about becoming a Junior Park Ranger just like Scout! HERE!


It’s a Great Day to Explore!

Meet Scout. She is the ranger of her own backyard. When her parents decide to take the family to Grand Canyon National Park, her wildest dreams come true. “Not only is it wide and deep, it’s WOW!” Scout and the national parks are a match made in heaven. Endlessly curious, she sets out to earn her Junior Ranger badge. When she proudly takes the pledge to preserve and protect our national parks, Scout embarks on a mission to explore as many parks as possible.

Scout Moore, Junior Ranger, Grand Canyon is the beginning of a new picture book series featuring the bright, curious, outdoor-loving Scout who will motivate young readers to get out there and explore the parks and nature for themselves.

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