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Leading the Way: Women in Power

by Senator Janet Howell and Theresa Howell
Illustrated by Kylie Akia and Alexandra Bye

Publisher Candlewick Press

ISBN-10: 1536208469

ISBN-13: 978-1536208467




Leading the Way: Women in Power is a tribute to women—past and present—who have blazed trails and shaped history to become some of the bravest and most influential leaders in America—breaking glass ceilings, making a difference, and refusing to be silenced.”

—Hillary Rodham Clinton


“We learn and become inspired by example, and what better examples for girls than the brave and barrier-breaking women in Leading the Way: Women in Power. The women profiled here were once girls who not only dreamed big – they went big. These women from different backgrounds, in different circumstances, chose to lead and I hope the young readers of this book do the same!”

—President Napolitano

“Children often grow up aspiring to the jobs they see people like them doing. I am thrilled that Leading the Way: Women in Power will show today’s children the long legacy of women who have led and continue to lead their communities—and who opened doors for them to do the same. Inspiring more young women to be politically active makes this book important to our future!” 

—U.S. Senator Tim Kaine


"It is so important we inspire young people to become active in politics. The fifty women in this book are groundbreaking role models for our kids."

—Congresswoman-elect Jennifer Wexton (VA-10)



Meet some of the most influential leaders in America, including Jeannette Rankin, who, in 1916, became the first woman elected to Congress; Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman elected to Congress; Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court; and Bella Abzug, who famously declared, “This woman’s place is in the House . . . the House of Representatives!” This engaging and wide-ranging collection of biographies highlights the actions, struggles, and accomplishments of more than fifty of the most influential leaders in American political history — leaders who have stood up, blazed trails, and led the way. In this engaging and highly accessible compendium for young readers and aspiring power brokers, Virginia Senator Janet Howell and her daughter-in-law Theresa Howell spotlight the careers of fifty American women in politics — and inspire readers to make a difference.

Teachers Guide for Leading the Way: Women in Power

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