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It's a Book Birthday!

Mira and the muralist are making their world-wide debut TODAY!

Don't you just love her party hat?

This is the story of a little girl who meets the muralist, a kindred spirit in the quest to bring light and color to their neighborhood. Together they transform the walls, the sidewalks, and the hearts of their community.

Even though this book was officially born today, it's been a loooong time in the coming. It is the beautiful result of true collaboration, mutual respect, determination, and the belief that if we all come together we can make the world a more beautiful place.

I can't thank all of the amazing people who were involved in the creation of this book enough. Rafael and Candice López are the two of the most inspiring, talented people I know. Their vision and community activism make this world a better place. Rafael's incredible artwork graces each page. Isabel Campoy, my heart. It has been such an honor to create something so beautiful with you. Adriana, thank you for believing in the story. And Jeannette at HMH, thank you for your constant enthusiasm and masterful editing.

It's a beautiful day!


Scout Moore: Junior Ranger, Grand Canyon

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